Laravel is an open-source PHP web-based framework with great tools and architecture. It also provides security to the user. It supports the Model View Controller (MVC) architecture.

Laravel being the youngest of all PHP frameworks has quickly made its way as the best choice of PHP frameworks. It’s the simplicity, clarity and flexibility of the framework that has also paved the way for many true e-commerce packages for Laravel.

The amalgamation of features like secure authorization, high scalability, customizable along with wide community support has made Laravel one of popular choice for eCommerce development.


Advantages of using Laravel:

  • Testing availability
  • Protects from web attacks
  • Email sending facilities
  • Authentication and authorization
  • Manage configuration
  • Saves time with prior knowledge of PHP
  • Provides modularity
  • Provides routing
  • Uses templates engine
  • Migration system databases
  • Fast and scalable

 Best Laravel e-commerce packages include:

  1. Aimeos

It is a Laravel e-commerce framework that can be integrated into Laravel 5 and 6 applications and comes with adaptive and rich features.


It supports more than 100 payment gateways with the help of the Omnipay PHP library.

It has multiple vendors, multiple channels and multiple inventory capabilities.

Its drawback is that it requires much time to learn and explore its features.

It results in pleased customers with more sales. More info

2. GetCandy

It is an e-commerce API package that offers Rest API and admin interface to manage products, orders, and users. It uses back-end for the progressive web application.

It has the front-end, no payment integration and fewer features with limited documents result in a negative impact.

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   3. Bagisto

It is a standalone shop system application including everything to run a shop. This open-source Laravel package is made for small businesses and with a native right to left support.

It gives easy installation with multiple channels and multiple store inventory. It also provides quick access to the administrative portal.

It has many issues to resolve on Github. It is running in the alpha stage. It also does not have free standard features including Stripe and Custom Attributes.

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  4. LaravelShoppingcart

It is a shopping cart Laravel e-commerce package that is easy to use and is very simple having very limited features. It can integrate into existing Laravel 5 which have added cart features.

It doesn’t have any checkout process. It also doesn’t work with Laravel 5.8 and above it. It doesn’t provide scalability for higher volume.


  5. AvoRed

Open Source Laravel Shopping can be customized as per the requirement. It provides Mobile friendly interface and is called the best Laravel SEO package.

This e-commerce Laravel package helps in creating a category and attributes with management ability to keep track of your order, customer information and inventory management.

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 6. Laraship

It is the best Laravel e-commerce because of its multiple themes availabilities. It provides more than 10 payment gateways and latest Laravel 5.7 versions with Bootstrap 4 themes. It is one of the best powerful search engines. It helps in the selling of tangible products, digital products, and affiliate external products.

It gives marketplace multiple vendor versions and it’s premium version gives QA support.

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 7. Vanilo

It is a good PHP framework and is a pure Laravel e-commerce platform. It provides simplicity besides flexibility.

It is like Magneto or Sylius. It also provides stability, testbility, and extensibility.

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