In order to check the PHP error log for your application and find any warnings/errors that are being displayed, firstly you need to make sure that PHP error logging is enabled. To enable PHP error logginig, firstly go to your cPanel and navigate to “Select PHP Version”, under the Software menu.


Once you access the “Select PHP Version”, you will be displayed with the following options:


Here we will need to go to “Switch to PHP Options” from the right side on the screenshot, so we could enable PHP error logging.


In PHP Options, you will be displayed with the following options:

You will need to click on E_ALL to change it. In this case, it is already enabled.

If you click on E_ALL, you will be displayed with a drop-down menu, from where you can enable it:

To enable error reporting, you need to select E_ALL. Once this option is selected, simply click on the “Apply” button and “Save” from the bottom of this page.

All new PHP errors and warnings will be written in the root folder of your application in a file named “error_log”.

That’s all! Now you learned how to enable error reporting from your cPanel.